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Welcome to the new Website

After many years supporting the EWCC as the Webmaster of, George Nimmo has recently hung up his web boots!   We are extremely grateful for all the work he put in to provide us with an on-line presence over the years. 

Rather than trying to replicate George's html based website, we have taken advantage of more modern on-line development tools and thanks to the sterling efforts of my son William, we now have this new inter active site at   We hope you like it.  Any thought on how we might improve it would obviously be very welcome.

Please note that although live, we are continuing to develop the site and will be updating the downloads, in particular the Notices of Race once they have been checked by the organising Clubs.  The dates of the Regattas are unlikely to change but some of the detail may.    The full download of the EWCC 2024 Booklet and the list of Joint Courses & other events will be uploaded in due course.

As ever - Mike (Hon Sec EWCC)

EWCC 2024

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Jan 08

An excellent new website - well done

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